When I first met Brittni, we planned to meet at a coffee shop in Lansing. Little did we know that there were two different locations with the same name! Needless to say, when I arrived 15 minutes late (and on my second latte) I walked in to see her smiling face and I knew we were going to get along just fine.

Brittni and Eric's wedding was amazing. You could feel the excitement and happiness when you arrived. Their whole family was so welcoming, and the bridal party was a hoot! Yet, my favorite thing was that you could tell when Brittni and Eric were together, that they just "got" each other...it didn't matter what was said or what wasn't being said. They just have this understanding. It was so incredible to get to be there as they made their commitment to each other and watch as they started a whole new life together. 


That's what I love about being a wedding photographer. In some ways, I'm just an observer of events. Family pictures, cake cutting, first dances. But at the same time I get the opportunity to become my bride's and groom's biggest fan and make sure I've done everything I can to make things be awesome. I can promise that by the end of the day I'll have pulled bugs from your skirt hem, wiped coffee stains off the tops of your shoes, and handed you about a dozen tissues. But I love it because I get a glimpse of who these two people are...how they met and where their story has brought them...and then I leave, full of hope and happy wishes for wherever their new life together takes them. 


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