This is such a special portrait session to me. Jenna and I first met in middle school years ago, and I knew right then we were going to be friends. We graduated high school and college together, were each other's bridesmaids, and have been through so much together! She is one of the most kind and generous people I know, so when I found out she and her husband were pregnant you can image how happy I was for her! 

I love these portraits so much, because they're just so Jenna! 

Maternity sessions are so unique to me because of how unique each pregnancy is. This truly is a moment in time where you will look back and remember all those little details you forgot. Like what weird foods you were craving, how you couldn't sleep at all those nights (or maybe how much sleep you were able to get!). You'll remember how excited and anxious you were. It's such an amazing and special time! 

On the flip side of that, how awesome is it going to be for her new little guy to be able to look back on these gorgeous portraits of his mom?! To be able to pull out these pictures when he's 5, 10, and 20 years old. And you know what he'll think when he sees these beautiful pictures? That's my mom. He'll be able to recognize that exact laugh and look. Let's get real crazy here and imagine being able to show these portraits to your future daughter or daughter-in-law when she's pregnant with her first baby! Photography is so cool guys. It literally blows my mind sometimes. 

 Can't wait to meet your new little guy Jenna! 

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