Winter Wonderland Engagement Pictures | Holly, Michigan

Engagement sessions are so fun. There's this energy that you can just feel in the air. They're finally getting married, the wedding is getting closer, and we're finally doing their engagement pictures! It's like, all of a sudden, everything is real. It's really happening. They're really getting married! You can feel that in these pictures. Kourtney and Alex are so good together, and you can't help but feel excited and overwhelmingly happy right along with them.

I'm not gonna lie though, sometimes engagement sessions can be awkward. As a photographer, you get used to having people make-out in front of you. But for my clients I sometimes forget that it's the first time they have to kiss in front of a camera. It's kinda funny really :) I have all kinds of tricks up my sleeve to make the first couple of kisses less clumsy, but I always find it cute. I have this theory that all couples of either huggers or kissers, so once I figure out which you and your sweetheart are, we start with that.

The engagement session is really where I get to know you as a couple. It's where I get to really hear how you met, what makes you laugh, and what you love about the other person. I love to incorporate things about how you met and your favorite date nights into the session. 

On the flip side, you get to know more about me, and start to learn my weird posing cues and attempts to not speak gibberish. I can't promise that the English will get better :) When your wedding finally comes around, and I start to follow you around all day, it's just like being surrounded by another friend. You'll have this little photographer-shadow thats SO happy for you and rooting for your lifelong marriage together. 

I really love photographing couples. 

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