Intimate Portrait Sessions

Flattering, Intimate, Feminine, Romantic, Soft...

These are words that typically describe our intimate portrait experience. What's the difference between boudoir and intimate portraits? By definition, boudoir is a genre of photography that involves female subjects in sexually suggestive or sensual poses, typically done as a gift for your husband/boyfriend. Intimate portraits sessions, however, are something more. They have a feeling of something familiar, and closely personal. They're private, intimate, and something deeper than your normal boudoir session.

In essence, intimate portraits are about who you are, not just your body size. 

We believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, sexy, and confident. This is the portrait session of your dreams. 


Pre-shoot Consultation

The pre-shoot consultation typically takes place at a local coffee shop, and is one of the most important steps in my portrait sessions. It allows me to really get to know who you are, what you're looking for, and showcase the products that you're actually interested in. I start every consultation with one simple question: how do you want to be photographed? 

Even if you don't know the answer right now, I'll guide you through some questions, and show lots of examples so that by the time your session is here, I know that we'll be able to capture exactly what you have in mind. 

Besides, who doesn't love a good latte? 

Intimate Portrait Session

We typically book our sessions two - three months in advance.
A non-refundable session fee of $300 is required to hold your date. 

1.) Pre-shoot Consultation
2.) Photo shoot
3.) Ordering session

Intimate Portrait sessions are included in our Platinum wedding package.

What to Wear

Sexy is the look in your eye, not the article of clothing you wear...or don’t. Here's some things that we recommend, and will talk more about.

  • Bras and underwear in various colors
  • His t-shirt or sports jersey 
  • Knee socks and sweaters
  • Your favorite dress
  • Bodysuits and lingerie 
  • Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas..

Common Questions

What if I don't have anything to wear?

No problem! I'll recommend some great shops for you to check out and we have a studio closet that you can borrow something from. 

Who else will be at my shoot?

Besides us, my makeup artist. She is fantastic and will have you feeling relaxed and drop-dead gorgeous in no time!

Can I bring a friend?

If that makes you feel more comfortable. I would recommend that we discuss some guidelines with what you're comfortable with, but BFFs are always welcome.

I'm worried I'll be uncomfortable...

I promise that you'll feel beautiful and comfortable from the moment you walk into my studio. I guide you through different poses that flatter your specific body type, until being in front of the camera feels natural. 

Do I have to get naked?

What you wear, or don't wear, is entirely up to you. If you're interested, there are lots of undergarments I can recommend that make you appear nude, but will still keep you covered and comfortable! 

I need to loose ten pounds before I even think of this....

Love who you are right now. Your body is incredible and you should celebrate everything about your body! If you're still not convinced, book your session now! What better motivation and reward than knowing you have a photo shoot coming up.



Your images will reflect the care and respect I put into your shoot from start to finish. This is why I intentionally keep your session intimate and personally edit every image. The only people who will see these images are the ones that you choose.  

Olivia is the best. I had so much fun working with her for my boudoir session and I absolutely love her creativity! I cannot wait for another opportunity to work with her again!
— DeAnna K.